Hand crafted yard ornaments.

  • First a design is drawn on a piece of steel. Most of the designs are inspired by nature and fit beautifully into a garden or yard landscape.

  • Then each design is cut by hand using a handheld plasma torch. The heat from the torch melts through the steel.

  • A close-up shows a flower being cut out. Because every design is hand-cut, each one is unique.

  • Finally the pieces of the design are welded together. The stem of a flower also becomes a stand that holds it into the ground.

About Us

West Virginia craftsman/artist, George Wiesner, along with his wife, Lynn create metal forms that reflect nature to adorn your surroundings. Merging experience, creativity, and shared sentiment for the world's beauty, George hand cuts each piece of steel with a handheld plasma torch, so no two pieces are exactly alike. The unique garden stakes are sure to add charm to any yard.

George & Lynn enjoy participating in art and craft shows. Please check out their upcoming events.

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